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Organising a luscious holiday to Karimunjawa can be almost as much fun as actually going on one. Arranging a trip can also be pretty stressful when there's not just your enjoyment riding on it, but that of your partner, friends or family. So the number one tip to ensure you plan the perfect holiday is to start early! Even if it's just a weekend away, leaving yourself some extra planning time can mean a better deal, a nicer room and a more organized you. Do that, as well as a few of our other tricks below, and you'll shoot to the top of the holiday planning class in no time.

1. Transport Schedule
Karimunjawa Islands can be reached by sea or air transportation. If you're going to use the air route, then air charter transport available on 1 May - 31 October.

But if you're going to use the sea route, then you should pay attention to the schedule of existing crossings, both from Semarang or from Jepara. Transport schedules can be found here.

Departure Schedule

Departure Destination Transport Type Day Departure Time ETA
Semarang Karimunjawa Fast Boat Saturday 09.00 12.30
Semarang Karimunjawa Fast Boat Monday 07.00 12.30
Jepara Karimunjawa Ferry Saturday, Monday, Wednesday 09.00 15.00

Return Schedule

Departure Destination Transport Type Day Departure Time ETA
Karimunjawa Semarang Fast Boat Sunday 14.00 17.30
Karimunjawa Semarang Fast Boat Tuesday 11.00 17.30
Karimunjawa Jepara Ferry Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 08.00 14.00

2. Weather
Although located in a tropical sea, there is no guarantee that every day will always be sunny, especially during the west monsoon. The best time to visit Karimunjawa islands is at east monsson around April until December. In that month, wind speed and wave height is low. While at West monsoon, the wind speed is faster, higher waves and frequent rains. These will affect your travel comfortness.

To view and estimates of natural conditions, you can find information on BMG which is valid for seven days.

3. Type of Activities
Karimunjawa is a natural laboratory that various activities could be held such as snorkeling, diving and marine education for your children. During your holiday, you can take your children closer to the nature, nurture the spirit of love for the environment.

Planning the type of activities during the vacation will be very helpful and save your time and convenience. If you want to snorkeling and having private equipment, it is better to bring it with you. It could increase your confidence using equipment that you know the condition. There is a possibility that equipment conditions in the rental of equipment is not suit with your size or poorly maintain.

4. Accommodation
There are a variety of accommodation options in Karimunjawa islands now, either homestay, hotel or resort.

Please note that the majority of the existing accommodation is a type of traditional accommodation with a queen-size bed or twin bed. Only a few hotel which provide family room. You can inform us about your room type preference and we will arrange it for you.

5. Contact Karimunjawa Tour
If you're busy with work, need some advices in holiday planning and its activities, please feel free to contact Karimunjawa Tour. You can request or convey a special note, suppose there are participants who vegetarian, allergy of animal protein or having a particular health problem and so on. We'll take care in detail and thoroughly for you.

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