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Term and Condition

1. Karimunjawa Tour reserves the right to suggest, prohibit and report to authorities of any participant actions that have the potential or prejudicial of Karimunjawa nature preservation and contrary to the code of conduct.

2. Participants are entitled to an explanation would be the code of conduct during their visits to the Karimunjawa National Marine Park by Karimunjawa Tour prior the activities begin.

3. Karimunjawa Tour reserves the right to determine the route and distribution of tour.

4. For the safety of participants, Karimunjawa Tour reserves the right to cancel the tours in Karimunjawa National Marine Park and replace it with land tours if the environment is not supportive.

5. Karimunjawa Tour reserved right to refuse the diving session to be performed by participants who are not certified or caused by medical reason.

6. Karimunjawa Tour is not bear for any consequences caused by the cancellation of crossings scheduled by ferry operators. In the event of cancellation of scheduled crossings by ferry operators, Karimunjawa Tour will assist the tickets refund that already purchased.

7. Karimunjawa Tour does not take any risks of the tour cancellation posed by riots, natural disasters, wars, strikes, accidents and the cancellation of activities due to participants delay.

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