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Q : Where is Karimun National Marine Park ?

A : Karimunjawa islands is located at southern of Java sea, Jepara Residence, Jawa Tengah province, Indonesia.


Q : How can I go there ?

A : Karimunjawa islands can access both by sea and air transport. There is available regular fast boat crossing from Semarang city and ferry from Jepara city. Airplane charter is also available from Semarang.


Q : How is the regular transport schedule over there ?

A : Fast boat provide depart every Saturday on 09.00 am, Monday on 07.00 am and ferry every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday at 09.00 am.


Q : How long is the traveling time from Semarang and Jepara both by air and sea ?

A : Traveling time from Semarang is about 3,5 hours and from Jepara is 6 hours. By air, it could reach comfortable 15 minutes.


Q : When is the best season to visit Karimunjawa National Marine Park ?

A : The best time to visit is east monsoon on March to December. During west monsoon, wind speed is high and wave height could reach 3 m.


Q : What can we do in Karimunjawa National Marine Park ?

A : In Karimunjawa, you can have water and land activity or just relaxing. You may snorkeling, diving, mountain hiking, beach trekking and more.


Q : Are there any bank, ATM, credit card merchant, money changer in Karimunjawa islands ?

A : Karimunjawa islands is a remote area which ATM, bank, credit card and money changer yet available. It is recommend that visitor exchange their currency prior the arrival to Karimunjawa islands.


Q : How many tribe is in Karimunjawa islands ?

A : There are 3 tribes, Javanese, Maduranese and Buginese.


Q : How many islands are there in Karimunjawa region ?

A : There are 27 islands and 22 of them are within Karimunjawa National Marine Park.


Q : What are the marine protected animals in Karimunjawa ?

A : Black coral-Antiphates sp, Organ pipe coral-Tubipora musica, Hornet helmet-Cassis cornuta, Triton trumpet-Charonia tritonis, Pearly chambered nautili-Nautilus pompillius, Green shell-Turbo marmoratus, Six species of clam (Hippopus hippopus, Tridacna maxima, Tridacna squamosa, Tridacna crocea, Tridacna derasa, Tridacna gigas), Hawksbill turtle-Eretmochelys imbricate, Green turtle-Chelonia mydas.

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