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Bear in your mind that you are about to enter National Marine Park which has several rules must be followed. In order to save the environment and make your journey run smoothly, please obey these following Don’ts and Do's tips :

Don’t :
1. Don’t Stepping on Corals
Coral is very fragile and takes a long time to grow. Stepping on coral could result in breaking or damaging the surface of the coral as well as cutting your feet. Coral is very sensitive to the touch and the smallest contact can kill the animal. Watch your feet and fins at all times.

2. Don’t Stirring the sediment
As you swim, your fins create a wash that can cause sediment and small debris to annoy small habitats and cover corals. This will reduce the photosynthetic efficiency of the coral and can cause it to die. It can also lead to small animals being washed away or increase their chance of predation from other animals.

3. Don’t Chasing or touching marine wildlife
This can cause great stress to any animal and by touching certain species such as Pufferfish, you can transmit diseases or remove protecting coating on fish, mammals, invertebrate and other species. Look at never touch and try not to get too close.

4. Don’t Fish feeding
Feeding fish or any other wildlife can lead them to reliant upon human as their food source. Feeding fish can also dull their natural fear of people, leading to more aggressive behavior. It can also lead to algae smothering corals as fish no longer eat algae.

5. Don’t Littering
The problem with marine litter range from marine life mistaking it from food to chemical contaminating the water supply and entering the food chain for marine life and humans. Bin it don’t throw it.

6. Don’t Collecting marine life, dead or alive
Removing species that would normally breakdown and be recycled into the sea leaves others animal without nutrient and elements needed for growth. Even empty shell on the beach play a part. Take only picture, left only foot prints and bubbles.

7. Don’t Buy marine life souvenirs
This encourage people to remove tons of marine life, dead or alive, from the marine ecosystem each year. If we didn’t buy it, people wouldn’t collect it. Leave it where it belongs.

8. Don’t Shark fining
Shark species has decreased 80% in the last 50 years, with ten of millions kilos each year for the highly price fins. Removing this top predators damages the ecology of our seas. Don’t eat in restaurant that sell sharks product.

9. Don’t Spear fishing
This fishing method removes the largest and slowest species which can dramatically change the balance of the ecosystem and change the food chain. It is also likely to injure a species if it is not speared correctly. Leading to a slow death and can be dangerous to divers, snorkelers and swimmers.

1. Support Conservation
Donate to project that help to conserve the environment. Your financial support  goes a long way to help reduce the negative impacts from humans. Give what you can do today.

2. Volunteer
Positively impacts your environment by volunteering the conservation group at their activities such as coral transplantation, coastal clean up, and mangrove replant.

3. Wear life jacket
It is a recommendation for the first time snorkeler and swimmer who are not confident in the water. It is a way to remain above the corals without accidentally standing or kicking shallow corals.

4. Practice Buoyancy
Practice buoyancy control and photography skills in a swimming pool before diving. Photographer should have good buoyancy skills to avoid direct contact on marine animals.

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