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There are several protected animals in Karimunjawa islands. There is strict regulation regarding protected animal, offenders will be prosecuted. Most of the protected animal status are nearly extinct or seriously threatened. The protected animals in Karimunjawa islands are :

1. Black coral-Antiphates sp

2. Organ pipe coral-Tubipora musica

3. Hornet helmet-Cassis cornuta

4. Triton trumpet-Charonia tritonis

5. Pearly chambered nautili-Nautilus pompillius

6. Green shell-Turbo marmoratus

7. Six species Giant of clam (Hippopus hippopus, Tridacna maxima, Tridacna squamosa, Tridacna crocea, Tridacna derasa, Tridacna gigas).

8. Hawksbill turtle-Eretmochelys imbricate

9. Green turtle-Chelonia mydas

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