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At Karimunjawa Tour, we concern to your safety, satisfaction at the highest standard. To the environment, Karimunjawa Tour commits to maintain and preserve the Karimunjawa's marine environment by implementing various policies. Our commitment to guest and environment are :

1. Safety Standard
As we traveling and interact with the marine environment, we always provide life vest to all of our guest, kids, swimmer beginner and anyone who are not confident at the marine environment also ensure that it wear properly prior the activity. Our tour guides are always happy to assist on your live vest usage.

safety standard

2. Guide Ratio
Our guide to customer ratio on every trip is 1 : 6. In this ratio, safety and personal assistance is assured.

3. Minimum Discharge Policy
We have participated in implementing the waste minimization policy to maintain and reduce the impact on nature. Thus, we always inform and ensure that all participants implement it through actual efforts such as bringing own bottles and personal eating utensils. This will reduce the usage of plastic debris. We will provide a gallon of water where participants can fill their tumbler or bottle. In this way, plastic waste in Karimunjawa will decrease.

4. Protect and Conserve Coral
Karimunjawa Tour also participated in the United Nation Environment Program campaign, Green Fin, to maintain and preserve Karimunjawa islands coastal ecosystems by implementing the environmentally friendly snorkeling and diving guidelines. Karimunjawa Tour is happy to share the Green Fins guidelines in every snorkeling and diving pre-briefing.

5. Minimum Impact Tourism Policy
To reduce the impact of tourism on the environment, we limit the maximum number of group on each trip is max 28 people.

6. Preserve Water and Energy
Karimunjawa Islands is a remote area with limited natural resources, both water and energy, are depending from the main island. Visitors were asked to conserve water and energy during their visit through several steps such as minimize water and electricity usage, turn off the water faucet and all equipment that use electricity such as lighting, air conditioning, phone chargers while leaving the hotel room.

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