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Karimunjawa Tour is the first and only marine eco tour operator to Karimunjawa islands. With years of regional expertise, Karimunjawa Tour offer professional and personalized guided tour to Karimunjawa islands.

Karimunjawa Tour offers various marine tour package such as in Marine Education, Eco Beach Tour, Eco Diving, Diving Course and Diving Certification. Your tour whether it is for relaxing or education will be one that you'll always remember. Karimunjawa Tour will ensure that your visit in this region is entirely hassle-free, from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart.

Leave your itinerary to the experts and come away with a host of unique experiences - snorkeling in the tranquil island, eco diving at the exotic coral with coral transplantation activities, eco beach tour and exploring various types of marine ecosystem. Nobody knows the region of Karimunjawa islands like Karimunjawa Tour.

Karimunjawa Tour applies sustainable eco tourism principles in daily activities and is happy to encourage all customers to do so. In nurturing Karimunjawa islands environment, we always try to minimize the impact of tourism to the environment with implementing various policy such minimum discharge policy, water and energy consumption and green fin policy.

We invite all customers to enroll at the action to save Karimunjawa islands during the visit and applying basic principles as follow : bringing the own water bottle and  cuttleries, minimize the water and electricity usage and join in green fin policy.

All of our effort will help to protect Karimunjawa islands environment and save it for the next generation.

Embrace nature, keep discovering…

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