Dive Certification

Dive certification is a group package designed to get diving certificate. Diving certificate from international diving organization. Karimunjawa Tour collaborate with international organizations such as the ADS-International, Japan, CMAS – POSSI and CMAS. Participants will receive appropriate See more details

Dive Course

Dive Course is an introduction and dive learning packages. This package is intended for anyone age between14-60 years. Course will be held in Semarang. Participants will enroll in three times pool and class sessions. At the swimming session, participants will be explained about diving equipment, ent See more details

Eco Diving

Eco Diving Package is diving package designed for the diver to indulge themselves with the beauty of the Karimunjawa underwater. In addition, the diver will also be invited in the coral transplantation activities in every dive site. Packages are available based on the dive logs and starts from 2 d See more details

Research Assistance

Karimunjawa Tour also offer you research assistance to Karimunjawa region. Our years expertise on travelling to Karimunjawa islands had equipped us with deep knowledge at every nook. We will assist your research at Karimunjawa islands, and take care of the permits to the respective authority. See more details

Marine Education

Marine Education is an educational program dedicated for children and teens. This program aims to introduce children and teens towards various types of marine biota and ecosystems that exist on the islands of Karimun, instill a sense of love for the marine environment through field observation activ See more details
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Karimunjawa islands is a region of surprises and magic. Region with multi-culture community, community that nurturing the environment – live in harmony. Its water is crystal clear, superb white sandy beach side, and warm weather all the year.

Its underwater beauty is extraordinary. Three main different ecosystem, sea grass, coral reef and mangrove are home of hundred species of invertebrate, fish, reptile, mammal, creating an underwater bustling city. Its biodiversity is tremendous, 44 species of mangrove floras, 11 species of sea grass, 9 species of sea weed, 444 species of fish, and 176 species of coral.

On mainland, the scenery is as good as the underwater. With mountainous topography and 1,285.5 ha of low land tropical forest make the area is abundant fresh air supplier instead of algae and phytoplankton.

With years of the regional expertise on Karimunjawa islands, your trip, whether it’s for snorkeling, eco beach tour, marine education, eco diving or sunbathing, will be one you’ll always remember. Karimunjawa Tour will ensure that your visit in this region is entirely hassle-free from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart.

Leave your itinerary to the experts and come away with a host of unique experiences - sunbathing in the tranquil island, diving at the exotic coral, eco beach tour by Sopek and many more. Nobody knows the region of Karimunjawa like Karimunjawa Tour.

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